Management Software

for Recording and Mixing Studios

Studium 33 develops software that helps manage Recording and Mixing Studios

There’s more to running a great studio than having a great studio. It’s even more true today than it was years ago. Budgets are tighter. Timelines are shorter. Production teams are larger. And clients are less organized. Those are the facts. Collectively, they’ve placed a huge burden on studio operations.

The founders of Studium33 have learned about it firsthand—by spending decades running their own studios. During that time, they were constantly refining and automating studio operations, improving, streamlining and digitizing the entire management process. From that experience they’ve created software applications that are now available for recording and mix studios.

Whether you’re a one-man show or a large commercial studio, the same administrative tasks are required for every project: estimating, scheduling, booking, communications, invoicing, receipts, and reporting. Additionally, there are digital workflow tasks such as file transfers and project archiving. Those are the very things Studium33 can help you with.

You’ll find that when all those tasks are integrated into one seamless application the time to complete is measured in seconds not hours.


Pricing starts from $250 per month for a solo operation up to $3,000 per month for a large multi-room commercial studio