The complete archival system

for the music production business

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Smart Archiving

Data Security

Certified Archive™ uses a sophisticated authentication system to prevent unauthorized access to archived files. In addition, two-factor authentication can be required to download archived files.


Certified Archive’s storage architecture is geo‐redundant meaning three (3) copies of each file are stored on different servers, then replicated to another Azure data center in a secondary region and files are continuously ‘verified’.

Data Integrity

Digital data decays over time regardless of the storage media. CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-Ray and hard drives are all unreliable over time.  To insure long‐term data integrity, any serious archiving system constantly ‘verifies’ files by reading them back and comparing them to a master checksum. If the check-sums do not match, the file is replaced by a second or third stored copy.

File Retrieval – It’s not archived if you can’t find it.

Consumer offerings like Google Drive and DropBox provide unstructured storage in the cloud. Just like a hard drive, anyone using these systems must rely on file and folder names to locate files. This may work for personal storage, but completely breaks down when third-parties need to retrieve files. Imaging poking around on ‘someone else’s’ hard drive to find your masters. External meta-data (Tags) is what makes search so incredibly powerful. Certified Archive maintains the file and folder structure and stores nine (9) external meta-data fields for every file including Artist, Project, Engineer.

Easy to use – It’s not archived if it’s not archived.

The modern recording workflow is so chaotic there often isn’t a spare moment for any tasks other than completing the projects. ‘Back of house’ processes like archiving that are slow or require data entry don’t get done. In practice this mean projects piling up on SAN drives around the studio. Archiving on Certified Archive is as easy as dragging the project folder onto the application.

Enterprise Architecture

The Certified Archive’s™ server, SQL database and cloud storage were developed for and are hosted on Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud service).

Available in 42 regions around the globe, Azure is one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated cloud services, giving us the ability to deploy Certified Archives™ anywhere.

The software client (application that’s installed on user’s machines) is developed in Electron, a cross‐platform environment, making it macOS and Windows compatible.