The Studio Manager add-on

for fast, secure file sharing

Certified Transfers

Resume Transfer

Never worry about being 49GB into a 50GB transfer and having to start over again. Certified Transfers™ will resume from the last block transferred.

Data Integrity

Every single file is validated or “Certified” to prove that no corruption has occurred during transit. Cryptographic hashes (checksums) are built into the workflow and run automatically.


Certified Transfers™ uses HTTPS which encrypts all communication between the software client and the cloud server.


Architected to perform equally well for single large files or folders containing many smaller files (or a combination).

File Size

Need to upload a single 10GB, 100GB, or even 1TB file? No problem! File size limitations reach well over 4TB for a single file.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Certified Transfers™ lets you determine what your team and contacts are able to see and do. Various roles are assignable on a project by project basis, for example:

  • Uploader — Role: Mix engineer uploading files for mastering. Access: Can only see what they uploaded.
  • Approver —Role: A&R at the record label. Access: Can only download files shared for approval.
  • Team Based Access — Role: Booking Manager for engineer. Access: Can see all upload and download activity for projects their team (or engineer) is associated with.
  • Full Access – Role: Studio Owner. Access: Can see all upload and download activity and archived files for the account.


Certified Transfers™ sends automated notifications to eliminate phone calls and manual emails. When a project is set up, each uploader receives an “Upload Request”. When references are ready, each approver receives a “Download Ready” notification.

Enterprise Architecture

Certified Transfers ™ servers, SQL database and cloud storage were developed for and are hosted on Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud service).

Available in 42 regions around the globe, Azure is one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated cloud services, giving us the ability to deploy anywhere.

The software client (application that’s installed on user’s machines) is developed in Electron, a cross‐platform environment, making it Mac and Windows compatible.