Management software

for Recording and Mixing Studios

Studio Manager was designed to make studio management simpler, more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable.

Unlike general-purpose tools like Google Calendar, Dropbox, Trello and Quickbooks (to name a few), Studio Manager was created specifically for recording and mixing studios. It integrates all of the administrative functions of running a studio, including:

  • Scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Contact, Client & Artist Modules
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Equipment Scheduling
  • Purchase Order Requests
  • Auto Generated Emails
  • Invoicing
  • Online Payment via Stripe
  • Online Booking
  • Reporting
  • Export to 3rd Party Accounting Systems

In addition, Studio Manager can extend into the digital workflow of your studio by adding file transfer capabilities with Certified Transfers and project archiving with Certified Archives.

Enterprise Architecture

Studio Manager has a hybrid architecture with server, database and web functions running on Microsoft’s Azure cloud and the local installed application running on Windows 10. Azure operates 160 data centers on six continents so Studio Manager can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Studio Manager, Certified Transfers and Certified Archive are available for a monthly fee so no upfront investment is required.